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ND Art Vending Machine Bismarck.JPG

Art Vending Machines

Relive the joy of childhood with our Art Vending Machines! And yes- they're exactly what they sound like... small vending machines that dispense awesome artworks created by artists from our region.

You can find our art vending machines in both permanent locations as well as at a few pop-up events and short-term spots. To find an art vending machine near you, check out this handy list.

Or, if you are an artist who wants to get in on creating mini masterpieces for these whimsical machines, say hello here!

Image by Jonathan Borba


Want to support your local artists and makers all while getting to bask in the glory of their creations?


Our Art CSA is inspired by the Community Supported Agriculture format of supporting local growers by buying a share of a farm- by contributing to the costs of production, you then get to enjoy the harvest!,


We will be selling shares of local art and using those funds to support artists and makers. We know that given the funds to play, be creative and MAKE ART our artists will wow us- and you too!


Shares are available seasonally, with early art supporter bonuses.

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